Much more info about the Standard Overhangs

All sizes in the Overhang range feature a reinforced ridge seam and simple, fully-catenary-cut fabric panels either side of this main seam. The guys attach to the tarp fabric body via our unique design, tear-drop shaped, reinforced, double-layer patches that incorporate pockets into which guy cords can be stashed. These patches that distributes stress into the fabric panels better than any other simple reinforcement system. You can have confidence that your Overhang will resist high winds and, thanks to the guy cord pocket feature, it won't come out of its stuff sac a hopeless tangle of cords!

The standard 75d polyester tent fabric is the economical fabric choice for a shelter expected to perform in a wide range of conditions but where weight is not so critical and the added advantages of a silicone coating (UV protection to fine denier yarns and slipperiness to snow) are not important requirements. A well cared for and maintained standard 75d Overhang will give many years of reliable service.

The ridge seam and mid-panel guy points on the standard Overhangs are factory seam sealed.

(Be warned: In Australia, as elsewhere, respect for original design IP is pretty thin on the ground. Our guy attachment design has been copied and we advise you not to purchase these copies. The reason is not that we are precious about our technically informed inventiveness but that the tarps we have seen not only use the dodgiest fabric but are also REALLY BADLY made - just what you would expect at the price).

Key Features

Wilderness Equipment Ultralight Overhang tarp guy cord pocket detail

Tear drop guy cord pockets make packing up the Overhang tarp quick and easy.

Overhang Large (4.5m Long x 2.95m Wide)

This is the Overhang for Outdoor Education groups and commercial operators. It's also the one if you going lightweight with all the family or a group of friends. The large Overhang makes an ideal cooking or field meeting shelter. It's big enough to work effectively pitched up a little higher. A favorite in Tasmania.

Overhang Medium (3m Long x 2.95m Wide)

The medium size Overhang is a good compromise for small groups use or a family of four. Pitch it low if it's windy. Fill in one end with your packs. Weight down one point to collect water. Use it as a big ground sheet for packing up on, organising gear and distributing food loads.

Overhang Small (2m Long x 2.95m Wide)

A nice size for solo trips with your bivibag. Put it up when the rain sets in and you need to cook, use it across the face of a rock shelter for extra protection or use it as a ground sheet whenever the need arises.

More Info....

The links beside the picture at the top of this page lead to a wide range of information, advice, instructions , technical background, and so on, probably much more than may interest you. If you purchase or already own this product we strongly advise you to read the use and care pages carefully. The info on the DIY repairs page could also be worth a scan, just so you are prepared incase of a field mishap.