Much more info on the Slipstream

The trusted daypack is 30 year-old, original WE design still going strong! As a cycling pack, even riding in the drop bar hands position, the zip flaps are still effective in shedding water. The bag shape naturally places the weight at the bottom of the shoulder strap arc, adding to this pack's stability and comfort for cycling use. The built-in waist strap improves stability when jogging and cycling.

This daypack is equipped with an internal hydration bladder sleeve and tube exit point, as well as a closed-cell foam back pad insert. The pack is shaped to follow both the vertical and lateral curves of the back. Like the Flashback model, the back pocket has a silver Scotchlite® retro-reflective strip for safety visibility in poor light.

Although the SLIPSTREAM is the smallest capacity day pack we make it has more useful capacity than many of the smaller models offered by other brands and the easy access is a real advantage. If you must carry multiple large files, sports footwear or lots of clothing look at the Traverse or Contour canvas models or perhaps the Big-Day-Out in the Active-Technical series. Otherwise you will find the SLIPSTREAM a superbly convenient pack for every day use.


If you need a longer 25mm waist strap than the standard one fitted, or you like the added stability of a chest/sternum strap, both are available for the Slipstream. Our canvas re-proofing solution is available through your backpack retailer.

And more.... 

The links beside the picture at the top of this page lead to a wide range of information, advice, instructions , technical background, and so on, probably much more than may interest you. If you purchase or already own this product we strongly advise you to read the use and care pages carefully. The info on the DIY repairs page could also be worth a scan, just so you are prepared in case of a field mishap.