Much more info on the Karijini

Karijini is the new name for the long-serving WE Expedition 1, the big trip bushwalking pack. There are some nice new features in the Karijini and some subtle detail changes as well. When you need to take on extra water, pack food and gear for two or more weeks out, throw in clothing for cold and wet or get your photographic equipment into a remote range.... this is the pack. A big pack needs an excellent harness system. The new, sophisticated, Synchro-FORM harness system will allow you to carry the load with the highest level of comfort possible. Refer to the Synchro-FORM page for complete details.

Some old features haven't changed. The easy-to-use, more-waterproof-than-any-other, self-compressing large WE back pocket is unmistakable The side-compression straps are now inclined, of unique continuous-loop design (you get a 2:1 force advantage) and removeable (so you can use them for any number of emergencies). Strap webbing is not stitched directly into the bag seams. Instead, separate canvas carriers distribute the stress into a wider seam length and greatly reduce the possibility of water seeping into the bag. Similarly, the hip side-stabiliser anchor buckles, as well as the main top cover securing straps have been integrated with the double-layer fabric panels that form the pockets down on the bag sides. In this way thick seam penetrations are further eliminated. Combined with refinements in the harness panel construction, the result of this attention to detail is a simple, clean, more waterproof yet sophisticated pack bag. Even the lightweight bag throat extension has not escaped critical review. By eliminating the drawcord eyelets long-term durability has been substantially improved. Check this out when you have a WE pack infront of you. The solution, unlike any description we could give here, is simple!

The top cover, more generous than ever on this wide-opening, big-volume pack bag, has been given a new look and extra features: it can be easily extended upwards when absurd loads need to be carried, it can be removed to work as a twin compartment, fully equipped waist pack or bum bag module. The top 'camera' pocket also has more useful capacity. A substantial, expanding pocket hanging inside, directly under the outside top pocket replaces the previous flat map pocket of the former model. Carry your bulky warm jacket in here when you use the top cover as a bum bag.

When it comes to packing or getting to the pack's contents you will really appreciate the size of the Karijini's top opening. Packing the bag and general access to the contents are both far better than all-to-common and (cheaper-to-make) narrow mouth bags. The Karijini's side profile pays respect to the traditional Himalayan porter's basket design. Additional volume in the upper bag affords much better ergonomics when big loads must be carried. All in all, The Karijini is a substantial re-definition of a classic pack model. Yes, there is a small increase in weight over previous models.

Part of this is in the harness system and worth every gram of it. The rest is in the top cover waist pack feature where, for say the extra 200g needed to build it in, you get a very practical solution to the problem of carrying the basics for a quick out-and-back side trip. Even the lightest, flimsy daypack weighs more than this.The name for this model comes from Western Australia's extensive national park in the rugged Hamersley Ranges, in the north-west of the state. It's a remote, semi-arid region where the reward for making the long treks across the uplands comes in the form of many, delightful deep gorges with shady rockpools and waterfalls.

Options and Accessories

If you require hip pads with a longer reach, size Large pads are available and can be exchanged for the standard Medium size fitted (provided these are not soiled or worn). If you are particularly slim and require smaller reach hip wings both the standard medium hip pads and medium hip plates need to be changed to size Small. (Small pads do not fit on the standard medium length plates).

The Karijini pack can be fitted with our universal side pockets, supplied in pairs. They mount on the side compression straps. Mount the pockets with the outer band of our circular compression straps running over the pockets. This will stabilise them nicely.

Canvas re-proofing solution is available through your back pack retailer.

Follow the link to the Sea To Summit website for pack liner bags and dry sacs. The use a a dry-sac type pack liner bag will make this pack completely reliable during river-crossings and the wettest weather.

More Info....

The links beside the picture at the top of this page lead to a wide range of information, advice, instructions , technical background, and so on, probably much more than may interest you. If you purchase or already own this product we strongly advise you to read the use and care pages carefully. The info on the DIY repairs page could also be worth a scan, just so you are prepared incase of a field mishap.