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It is unusual to find such a rugged, well-appointed pack in the low to mid-range capacity bracket. Heavy users, canyoners, climbers, search and rescue personnel and trekking guides will quickly identify the Jagungal as a perfect solution. The Jagungal's clearly bombproof construction and versatility are hard to ignore.

The pack bag has a high, roll-down canvas throat. The top cover, which is heavily contoured for look-up helmet clearance and includes a compact camera pocket over and key pocket under, detaches quickly. You can use the pack just as well without it. When the throat is rolled down dry-bag style the roll end buckles are picked up by the straps that normally hold the top cover down. The bag has a complete side and top compression strap system so any size load can be fully stabilised. Side compression straps are progressively inclined and circular, giving a two-to-one purchase advantage. They are also removable. You can use them for emergencies or strip the pack down to clean it up for use in dense bush. The bag construction follows our rule of minimising webbing penetrations directing into seams.

The Jagungal includes our standard alpine racking system. Ice tools, snow stakes, crampons, skis and a snow shovel can all be securely mounted. The pleated, reinforcing panel under the shock cord lacing serves as a useful pocket for laminated maps, skins and other compact items requiring quick access.

The Dyna-FORM Framesheet back system we developed for the Jagungal and Echo models is entirely new and unique. It comprises a three-piece polypropylene (PP) frame sheet formed into one smooth, flexible contoured surface that follows the major curves of the human back. The body face of this surface is laminated with a layer of closed-cell foam and a thin aluminium spine provides vertical stiffness - mainly for when the pack is not being worn. The advantages are many. Besides being lightweight, the framesheet spans the entire harness panel of the pack giving support and acting as a barrier against lumpy pack contents. The excellent torsional flexibility is independent of the limited vertical flexibility (in which the essential contours over the upper/thoracic and lower/lumbar regions are built-in and preserved). It is also strong and tough, serving as the platform on which the slimline, canvas-faced, Synchro-FORM Express hip plates and pads are mounted. The framesheet is graded to three pack back sizes, S, M and L, from which you may choose the closest match to the contours to your back. (Always choose the longer back length if you think your best fit is actually between sizes).

The shoulder harness is a carefully-contoured, low-profile yoke faced, like the hip pads, with canvas. The yoke arms flow down onto the upper part of the harness panel to form two carefully shaped pads. These two pads and the back lobes of the slender Express hip pads are the only back contact areas. Flow-through ventilation and comfort are exceptional.

In short, if you're an outdoors professional, a hard-core type, or simply inclinded towards ambitious day trips that leave the possibility of a night out, the Jagungal has the goods.

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The links beside the picture at the top of this page lead to a wide range of information, advice, instructions , technical background, and so on, probably much more than may interest you. If you purchase or already own this product we strongly advise you to read the use and care pages carefully. The info on the DIY repairs page could also be worth a scan, just so you are prepared incase of a field mishap.