Much more info on the Breakout

The BREAKOUT is a rugged, simple pack for use by anyone - individuals, family groups, schools, outdoor clubs, youth organisations and hire equipment businesses. It is specifically designed for reliability, good wet-weather performance, minimum maintenance, and therefore the benefit of lifetime economy.

There are Breakouts packs out there nearing the end of their second decade of continuous use with outdoor education units. We have included our sophisticated Synchro-FORM harness system on recent Breakout packs. This premium, unique harness system has benefits that are particularly relevant in the shared use, institutional equipment arena. Besides the advantage that the hip level of this system automatically adapts to any hip shape, it is by design particularly durable and, unlike any other hip harness on the market, its components are easily removed from the pack bag and simple to repair if accidentally damaged. For example, the hip pad laminated foam inserts can be removed from their 3D shells with the need to unpick a single stitch!

Bag features: By cutting the canvas bag rim higher than usual and finishing it with a simple, strong, eyelet-free drawcord system we have avoided the durability problems typical of lightweight throats. The bag capacity has been increased a little and, to the top cover, we've added a convenient 'camera pocket'. On the back of the pack, each side of the simple, zip-free, more-waterproof-than-any-other back pocket we've provided webbing loops so, if you like, shockcord lacing can be fitted. (The new Breakout incorporates all the features of our previous Discovery 1 model).

A note for institutional buyers: Although we now offer a more economical, full-synthetic-fabric version of this pack (the Outbreak) model, we invite you to give consideration to the particular advantages of a canvas pack within the outdoor education sphere of application. The extremely tight weave of canvas means that in ten years time the seams will be holding up as new. If and when re-proofing of the fabric is required, the procedure is a simple spray-on saturation of the fabric with a wax solution followed by a few warm days for drying. The pack only needs to be reasonably clean and hanging for this treatment. No disassembly is needed. Then also think about the user. The generally better wet-weather performance of a canvas bag will act as insurance for novices who do not take sufficient care to protect their clothing and sleeping bags from getting wet. There is still a chance of their first wet backpacking experience being a positive one!

Options and Accessories

If you require hip pads with a longer reach, size Large pads are available and can be exchanged for the standard Medium size fitted (provided these are not soiled or worn). If you are particularly slim and require smaller reach hip wings both the standard medium hip pads and medium hip plates need to be changed to size Small. (Small pads do not fit on the standard medium length plates).

Our universal side pockets, supplied in pairs, can be mounted on the Breakout's side compression straps if you really need added capacity.

Canvas re-proofing solution is available through your back pack retailer.

Follow the link to the Sea To Summit website for pack liner bags and dry sacs. The use a a dry-sac type pack liner bag will make this pack completely reliable during river-crossings and the wettest weather.

More Info....

The links beside the picture at the top of this page lead to a wide range of information, advice, instructions , technical background, and so on, probably much more than may interest you. If you purchase or already own this product we strongly advise you to read the use and care pages carefully. The info on the DIY repairs page could also be worth a scan, just so you are prepared in case of a field mishap.