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Pindar 702

The largest bag in the classic canvas Pindar series and building on the features of the Pindar 60 pack, this dual-compartment bushwalking pack is perfect for those longer walks but where huge expedition capacity is not required. The Pindar 702 directly replaces the former Freycinet model. The sophisticated WE Synchro-FORM harness not only provides the best possible comfort at any loading, it is also better ventilated than any other, something you will appreciate in warm weather.Trekking pole carry, bottle pockets and hip harness pockets mean your essential items are always at hand.

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Pindar 60

Our new mid-volume hiking pack is constructed out of the same high-grade AUSTRALIAN CANVAS as our legendary Lost World pack. Fully featured with dual fold-flat bottle pockets, hydration sleeve and trekking pole mounts this is our most user friendly canvas pack yet. The revolutionary Convert T-PIN harness system allows the hip wings to be rapidly detached, no tools needed, making this a perfect pack for use above and below the snow line.

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Pindar 50

Just like the Pindar 60 only smaller! The Pindar 50, new of 2015, combines the excellent load carry ability of our Synchro-FORM CONVERT harness with the excellent weather resistance you can expect from Australian made canvas. Bottle pockets, hydration sleeve and trekking pole carry complete the picture.

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Razor 50

SIMPLE PERFECTION in an ULTRA-LIGHT trekking pack. Too often load carrying performance is compromised in the design of a lightweight pack. This is not a compromise we are comfortable making. This model gets its name from Occam's Razor, the idea that "simple explanations are generally better than more complex ones". In this case we have the simplicity of a clean and classically flared bag carried on a outwardly simple but cunningly engineered back system. It is up to you to decide how to set up the bag. Choose the optional module for water bottle pockets, tool racking and compression, or go the other way and remove the hip wings for a truly minimalist lightweight sack.

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Haute Route

Developed and tested over two years on the Haute Randonnee Pyrenee (HRP) route. The Haute Route combines a truly innovative, adaptive-flex frame sheet with superbly comfortable harness components, lighter weight fabrics and a mix of features perfectly suited to the varying demands of long-distance mountain treks with, or without refuge facilities. Its uniquely innovative, 2-part frame sheet employs a firm polymeric hinge in the upper-thoracic region. This gives the harness panel just enough flexibility in exactly the right place for it to follow changes in your back profile. Bag features include trekking pole and tool carry, built-in rain cover, over-load pouch, media pocket and hip harness stash pockets. Go to the 'Much More Info' tab above to see all the details illustrated.

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