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The WE Dyna-FORM Frame Sheet

The Dyna-FORM frame sheet is the name of our unique, structural platform used in the Big Day Out, and previously available WE pack models such as the Jagungal and Echo.

The Dyna-FORM frame sheet comprises three panels of HDPE joined together to create a compound-curved, 3-dimensional surface that closely follows the surface shape of the human back from hip level to shoulder level. This frame sheet covers the full area of the pack harness panel forming a barrier between the pack bag contents and your body. It also provides lateral control to the pack bag to reduce the tendency of a loaded bag to 'round-out' from the mid-level upwards.

The HDPE surface includes a padding layer of 5mm EVA foam and two aluminium bars, one up the spine of the frame sheet and the other across the lower part of the sheet, at hip level. The spine bar gives the pack bag stand-up stiffness without limiting torsional flexibility. The Synchro-FORM hip wings connect directly through the pack bag into this lower bar.

Dyna-FORM frame sheets comes in three back lengths. It has sufficient torsional and vertical flexibility to follow the normal upper-body movements of walking and skiing without compromising load transfer to the hips or load carrying stability. 

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