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$449.00 (AUD)

WildChild - NEW, UPDATED MODEL 2016

A child carrier with no limitations. Recently up-dated to include extra built-in pockets with more capacity, more convenient child compartment adjustments, simpler use when the sun hood fitted, and the premium Synchro-FORM Comfort-LOAD hip harness. The 2016 WE WildChild is, once again, your best choice for taking kids out on multi-day bush walks. Of course, it also works brilliantly around town. In a car boot or baggage system, the WildChild's hinged frame system reduces the carrier's bulk. The Synchro-FORM Comfort-Load hip harness system with soft, textured face fabric provides superb, expedition-standard comfort. The Wildchild is fitted with a special version of our unique dual-back-length system, spaced at one-and-a-half standard back-length increments. The one pack can quickly be adapted to properly fit a wide range of torso lengths meaning Mum or Dad can comfortably share the use. There is no set upper age limit for your young passenger. This pack will bear the weight as long as you also can. Options for the WildChild include a detachable sun hood, a rain cover, and a pair of long, modular side pockets - indispensable extra volume for multi-day trips.

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