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$499.00 (AUD)

Tectite 4 UL

The ultimate, simple family backpacking tent. Our own quest to accommodate a family of four lead to the Tectite concept and this extraordinary tent. Its reliable performance in wind and rain, the huge 5.3 square metres of floor space, airy ventilation and complete insect protection, are all achieved at a minimum-pitch weight of just over 2.2 kilograms. Four pegs tension the elevated tub floor which connects to the canopy rim via a full perimeter mesh band. A detachable ceiling panel, acting exactly as an inner tent roof, intercepts the inevitable condensation drips on those still, damp nights. Cycle tourers wanting some space to spread out, or rock climbers looking for a 'crag hotel' will also find much appeal in this cavernous tent.

NOTE September 2016: We have recently added a mesh screen to the Tectite 4 entry and moved to 30d nylon 66 sil/sil Green Apple fabric, in common with the Space tent series. This new model is currently unavailable. Please check with us on planned availability, 2017.

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