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$599.00 (AUD)


The Dart 2 tents have been superceded by the Space 2 models. Please go to Ultra-light Hiking Tents to see the Space series. This page is retained only as a reference for Dart 2 tent owners.

It's the all-fabric inner that distinguishes this winter version of our popular 2-person backpacking tent. This model is only available with the high-tech, 30d, high-tenacity ripstop polyester with silicone elastomer face coating, providing enhanced water-repellency, snow shedding and UV resistance. The specs snapshot below points clearly to strong performance in all backpacking conditions: stability and strength in high wind, generous floor space for two tall occupants, good head room, independent access and vestibule space for each, good cross-ventilation (courtesy of the uncoverable mesh screens on the inner tent door panels) and the convenience of free-standing set-up. With its strong 3-pole framework and winter inner this Dart 2 is also great for snow camping.

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