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The Cirque is not in the current WE tent range. We retain this page as a back reference for Cirque owners.

High-altitude base camp tents must not only resist fierce winds, they must be able to support substantial snow loads, provide working and living room in lock-down weather and cope with increased UV bombardment. The Cirque starts with the proven core-framework design for such conditions: the 4-pole vee and cross combination - hub designs just don't put enough tube ends down to the ground. By adding further pole arcs over the two entrances and over the built-in, double-entranced vestibule we have created a tent with romp-home performance. The specification is completed with our legendary attention to detail. At well under 5 kilograms the Cirque will also interest families and 3 or 4-packs of mates not deterred by and requiring shelter from 'full conditions'.

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