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$799 3-Season / 4-Season (AUD)


All WE Space tents make use of our unique dihedral pole hubs to create incredibly spacious living areas within an efficient, wedge-shaped outer envelope. The Space 3 framework uses two hub pairs over a floor pan that accomodates three full-sized sleep mats, side by side, with extra length at each end. This wide tent, with great sit-up room for all, also uses a full-length transverse pole to add stability and vestibule space. The outer skin can be half or fully rolled back on both sides. The winter inner’s mesh ventilation panels are conveniently located each side near the head end of the tent and independent of the two door panels. If you plan to use the Space 3 in an exposed, high-wind environment the optional fairing available for the foot end of the outer tent greatly reduces aerodynamic drag and adds some extra storage space. Click on the Show Larger button to see it all.

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