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$489.00 (AUD)

Karijini - Archive Info Only

The Karijini is no longer available and this page is retained just as a back reference for owners. With the revision of the LOST WORLD pack to its current specification the Karijini model no longer offered any real advantages, either in features or performance. The LOST WORLD is a brilliantly versatile and rugged large capacity pack. Everything we have to say below applies equally to the Lost World.

The Karijini is a classic canvas bush-walking expedition pack. Multi-week bush walks in places like south-west Tasmania make demands of a backpack mostly now ignored by designers. This big, single-compartment canvas pack is a proven performer. The external pockets, removable compression straps and bum-bag-convertible top cover add welcome convenience and versatility. The wide-mouth throat and big top cover design are rarely seen these days but you need look no further than the profile of a traditional Himalayan porter's basket to sense the benefits in both natural carry posture and ease of use: Adding the extra volume at the top of this big pack reduces backward drag on the shoulders. Fully fitted with our sophisticated Synchro-FORM harness system, the Karijini works with your body to carry the heaviest loads with comfort.

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