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WE Gaiter Fabrics

The fabrics used for WE Bush Gaiters are the same as those used for our backpacks, namely 275gsm core-spun canvas and 600 denier bulked filament Kodra nylon with a polyurethane coating. Core-spun yarn canvas is easily the most expensive and strongest canvas construction, 25% more costly than blended yarn canvas. When we say we use 'core-spun' you can rest assured that we do.

Our gaiter fabrics are described in some detail on the page Backpack Fabrics and Design. If you  would like to read the whole story, please go to one of the backpack product pages and follow the link directly to that information page.

Of special note with respect to WE Bush Gaiters is the tightness of the canvas weave. This gives the canvas extremely good puncture resistance and, because it is not coated, a degree of 'self-repair' capacity if it is penetrated by fine thorns. Although we can not guarantee snake fang resistance our core-spun canvas gaiters are far more puncture-resistant than the common synthetic fabrics used on cheaper gaiters.

An advantage of the double-layer, coated-to-coating construction for the lower part of the gaiters is the fact that the fabric coatings are concealed within the layering, away from the abrasive effects of the agents gaiters are designed to protect against. We now also add a thin layer of closed-cell foam between the nylon layers. This gives the 'rand' good form and also enables stitching to sink into the fabric where it is less exposed to abrasion.

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