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About Our Lifetime Warranty

These days it is not unusual for functional goods to have a 'lifetime' warranty. Most of us pick-up on and remember the 'lifetime' bit but not the words of the warranty itself, where the actual promise lies.

What we would like you to understand is that there is a lot of technology tied up in our products, even the simplest ones. When you look at a piece of moisture-vapour-permeable, waterproof fabric or piece of canvas you could see just a textile or you could ask the question, 'What has it taken to make this?' If you can answer that question, from the ground up, then you don't need a lecture on looking after your gear, just the information to do it.

As designers, users, and makers we have a vision of the perfect functional product. In the first part of the vision the perfect product does what's expected of it, in a way that can not obviously be improved upon. In the second part, no one component of the product wears out, deteriorates or fails before any other. This is the essence of graceful retirement, but in practical terms, much depends upon what happens along the way. Even the simple passage of time will cause some materials to deteriorate faster than others.

Our work is guided by this vision. We employ the most suitable, high quality materials available for the use and performance implied for our products, the best design we are able to bring to bear at any time without spending a lifetime doing nothing but product development, and the most applicable production technology and systems we can afford and understand.

We know, better than anyone, that we're not perfect. If a material fault or production error should slip though and cause failure in one of our products we will put it right and ask only for forgiveness. This is the essence of the specific lifetime warranty given on the instruction cards that come with our products.

What else happens to our products once they are in your hands really is your responsibility. Please use the content in this website to inform yourself and then take care. As you've probably guessed, we do not expect you to be disappointed.

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